Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ready Or Not

It happens a lot in life. You do something biggish and within two minutes, the well-meaning ones want to know what you're planning for an encore. You graduate college and the nice people want to know when you're getting a job. You date a mensch and the nice people want to know when you're getting hitched. You bring home a baby and the nice people want to know when you're getting Baby #2. And don't even get me started on the sad stuff, the losses that life throws your way. The nice people sometimes say the wrong things. They try to give you a gentle nudge to move on. Maybe you don't want to move on. Maybe you want to linger a while. Sometimes there are no replacements, no substitutes. Sometimes the encore isn't an encore at all, but a baby step in the right direction. Ever since the Eccentric Elderly Pup departed, the nice people want to know when we're getting another dog. My answers vary depending on the day. The nice people ask a lot of questions, offer a lot of opinions. What kind of dog will you get? Will you get another Lab? I always say, "I don't know." Or sometimes I get all Zen on them, which really baffles them. "I'll know when I know." Oddly enough, the other day, sooner that I expected, suddenly I knew. That happens a lot in life, too. One day you don't know. The next day, you know too well. In a few days, we'll meet the dog we hope to adopt. It's a slow process. Baby steps. A meet-and-greet. An overnight. And maybe, if this sweet little guy likes us, and vice versa, adoption. The nice people call it a forever home. Sounds about right. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get rescued.

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