Monday, October 31, 2016

When Royal Sparks Fly

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle 

(Ye Olde England) This morning, Prince Harry issued the following statement regarding the origins of his budding romance with the lovely Meghan Markle. "I was sitting at home, watching telly, when this delightful Hallmark Channel movie came on. It was called When Sparks Fly and written by the Royal Family's dear friend the Short Jewish Gal of Sherman Oaks. You know the SJG is our go-to on All Things Jewish. She taught Wills & Kate how to do a proper hora at their wedding. She's shared her famous kugel with us on numerous holidays. When I saw the SJG's name pop up in the credits, I knew I was in for a fun romantic comedy with a guaranteed happy ending. And isn't that what the world needs now more than ever -- more Hallmark movies by the SJG?"

The SJG's Hallmark movie has made a royal match 

"Within seconds, this simply stunning actress named Meghan Markle appeared on screen and I was... what's the word the SJG always uses? Farklempt. My royal eyes bulged with intrigue, my royal heart went pitter pat, and I realized, blimey, I must meet her! I had my people call her people and in no time, I jetted, royally, to Canada and met Meghan whilst she filmed Suits. Can you say fireworks? Of course, the SJG has already reserved a spot under the chuppah, which seems a bit premature. But you know how the SJG gets ahead of herself. If you happen to see her, wandering the streets of Sherman Oaks, as she's prone to do, till the authorities remind her, 'No loitering,' be a love and tell her Meghan and I would like to thank her for making a worthy match. And should things progress, as they do in her charming Hallmark movie, she'll be the first to know."

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