Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chaim The Bunny

Chaim the Bunny couldn't wait to compete in the SJG's Annual Egg White Scramble, but he wasn't sure if he was up for it.  Lately, he'd been feeling a little schva, a little schleppy. God forbid, he should drag his tail while the other Jewish bunnies were hopping their tushies off. So Chaim's mommy Chana took him to get diagnosed.  Dr. Krolik took one look at Chaim and said, "Someone's been over-thumping with the tootsies. You've got bunions. No wonder you don't feel like hopping." "But Dr. Krolik," Chaim said," "the Egg White Scramble's on Sunday.  I can't miss it." "Well, I'm afraid this situation calls for a specialist." He gave them a nice referral, and off they went to see Dr. Fuzzy, a fancy orthopedic surgeon in the hutch down the hall.  Dr. Fuzzy examined Chaim's back feet and said, "I've seen worse.  But listen, you're in luck. I've got an opening in my schedule right now."  Quick like a bunny, Dr. Fuzzy rushed Chaim into surgery, removed his back bunions, and he was good as new, more or less.  On Sunday, he took second place in the Oy Vey Relay.  "I probably could've used a few more days to recover," he told his mommy on the way home.  "But it was worth it just to see the look of misery on Yossele's face when he came in fifth."

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