Saturday, April 15, 2017

Don't Forget To Smile

Dear SJG,
In a few weeks, I'm flying to New York. I'm a little terrified about "reaccommodation." Do you have any tips on how to avoid getting schlepped off the plane mid-air? Should I bring a parachute just in case? Please guide me.
Insecurely Yours,
Jittery in  Jacksonville
Dear Jittery,
They tend to "reaccommodate" you before take off, not mid-air, so leave the parachute at home. Here are a few handy survival tips:
1. Don't forget to smile. Smilers are treated better than non-smilers.
2. Don't forget to take your attorney along for the ride.
I'd loan you mine, but I've got Heidi Von Hearsay by my side 24/7. You just never know when a pesky legal issue might pop up.
You're Welcome,

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