Wednesday, April 12, 2017

She Said "Oui"

The future Mrs. and Mr.

"Honey," I asked via VatsNu? "Now that you've posted it on Facebook and Instagram and thousands of your closest personal friends know, is it okay for me to mention it?" Ten hours later, on account of him being in France, he granted permission. "Of course," the eldest said, "go ahead, sweet Ma."

And so, I can share it with you, nice people. The SJG is going to be a mother-in-law. I ask you, is anyone better mother-in-law material than moi? Oh, you are? And you, too? Well, put another napkin on the Pinterest-inspired table, I'm joining your club. Assuming you'll have me as a member. 

Pardon my extreme kvelling, but it's not every day that your eldest son, the boychick you birthed in a cornfield in Tarzana, schleps all the way to France to give a gorgeous gal an engagement ring. They met here. She was doing an internship for a wine distributor. Then back to France she went, to finish her masters in international business. Somewhere along the way, these two lovebirds decided to bring the SJG vast quantities of joy and get hitched. Turns out, getting hitched involves two governments, a ton of paperwork, an immigration attorney and a lot of waiting for permission to marry. And you know how good my family is at waiting. Not good. Not good at all. If this doesn't test our limits of patience, nothing will. But today, I can share my joy with you. I've been waiting to tell you since February. Talk about self-control.