Wednesday, April 5, 2017


A few years back it took me by surprise 
It wasn't something I could advertise 
My soul felt dented, my heart rear ended
The morning I learned I'd been unfriended 
But not just me, there were others booted
From the family tree, so uprooted
Some folks are happier cut off from kin
Dealing with such ties gets under their skin 
And they delete you with nary a word 
You're ghosted, you're toasted, you're all but blurred
It's sad, I suppose, and sort of deranged 
The moment you find out you're now estranged 


  1. Fear not, you have a galaxy of friends and family that will never abandon your daily postings and musings. It's their loss, Mrs. Bombeck @2017. Love the poem and your daily treats.

  2. Thank you so much Steve. I still have the best brother on the planet. Down one - but you're right, it's his loss! xo

  3. Meh. My holiday shopping last year saved me money.