Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When You Didn't Mean To Call

... But you're so glad you did.

An accidental phone call to Cathy, my favorite Kansan/playwriting partner in crime:
"Hi. I didn't mean to call you."
"Did you butt dial me?"
"No, I was clearing out my phone history and somehow I called you."
"I wish I could clear out my history."
"Wouldn't that be great?"
"So great."
"So what were you doing when I accidentally called?"
"I'd rather not say."
"I'll tell you what I was doing if you tell me what you were doing."
"I know what you were doing. Clearing out your phone history."
"Before that."
"Fine, if you must know, I was modernizing my bookshelf."
"I have no idea what that means."
"I was getting rid of the old books."
"Wow. That sounds very...."
"It is productive."
"What will you do with the old books?"
"Replace them with newer books."
"That makes total sense."
"So what were you doing?"
"I was setting the table for Passover."
"Gee, I wonder where I put the seder plate."

"Oh, is it tonight?"
"Tonight? Have I taught you nothing?"
"Just tell me when it is."
"It starts on Monday."
"Next Monday?"
"What's your point?"
"Wow. That sounds very..."
"It is productive. Especially because I'm doing it on Sunday."
"Why are you doing it early?"
"Because I can't make my people shlep over the hill in traffic on a Monday night."
"I didn't know you could change the date on a Jewish holiday."
"I can if I want to."
"I'm in awe of your power."
"I'm in awe of your power."
"This is why we work so well together."
"Good thing we found each other."
"I know, right?"

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