Monday, April 17, 2017

The SJG's 7-Day Guide To Detoxing

It's true, and feel free to quote me and pay me a royalty later. Every now and then, we must cleanse our souls of ickiness. We must rid ourselves of toxic forces. We must do some super New Agey metaphorical weeding. It took about 59 years, but I've finally figured out a low-cost, non-surgical way to restore my inner glow and make my psyche sparkle like new. And now, you can, too. Here's how, bitches:
Day 1: Avoid self-involvers
Day 2: Avoid non-apologizers
Day 3: Avoid buzz-killers
Day: 4: Avoid attention-grabbers
Day 5: Avoid nit-pickers
Day 6: Avoid energy-sappers
Day 7: Avoid finger-pointers