Monday, October 3, 2011

Friends In High Places

Hubby and the SJG on vacation.  Oh wait, we're not on vacation.  We're pretending we're on a vacation.  The big umbrellas, the lake.  What sort of trickery is this?  We're in Westlake, where the three B's reign supreme.  Balanced budget!  Balanced planning!  Balanced future!  At least according to this tall guy right here, Mr. Ned Davis, the Mayor of Westlake.  He's running for reelection to City Council.  We can't vote for him, but we can support him.  I've known Ned since Warner Avenue and can vouch for his character.  No one sings "Up, Up With People" like this dude. 
Mayor Ned Davis agrees to back the Short Jewish Gal Mall of Self-Promotion