Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Call Me "Q"

Scott D at the mic, spitting rhymes again
"Take your mother into the recording studio, she's going to try to edit out a few words here and there." -- SJG pretending to be "Q" as in Quincy Jones,  famed music producer, yesterday.  It's possible I got a little too into my new role.  "Sounds a bit jumbled.  Try it again."  "You're rushing.  Take your time."  "Do you really need to say @#$% that much?" "Shush, mother."  At one point, Dave, the engineer, unaccustomed to seeing moms in the studio, told me I'd have to toughen up a bit.  "More eff'n energy in the chorus," I said.  "Why don't you get in there and rap with him?"  "Maybe later," I said.  On the other side of the glass, the college boy, heading back to the Cruz today, nixed that idea.  Apparently, someone beat me to it.  There's already an SJR out there.  Senior Jewish Rapper.  Aka:  Gittle Langer Saks.  God forbid I should try to steal the mic from Gittle.  That would be so beneath me.  Plus, I don't hit senior status for another decade.  However, MAJR (Middle-Aged Jewish Rapper) does have a nice ring to it.  In the meantime, look for Scott D's EP, "The Mensch."  Dropping soon, homies.


  1. Ladies & Gentleman I present my Sister ... the Stage Mom!

    I see a Broadway bound revival of GYPSY with Carol as a rapping Mama Rose ("I had a dream ... I to the Izzy").

  2. Excellent idea. Rehearsals begin immediately.