Friday, July 1, 2016

Oy Vey, Can You See?

.... how predictable this is?

If you're like the SJG, you're probably wondering what to wear this holiday weekend, as you regale others with your presence at various 4th of July soirees.  It's such a burden, isn't it, trying to top yourself, year after year.   How patriotic must we go?  What could be more predictable than red, white and blue?  I ask you:  where's the element of surprise?  Once you've paraded down your block in your Stars-and-Stripes-Forever hotpants, and been asked not to attend the block party ever again (and there's a court order to keep your distance) you must reach for a whole new color scheme, just to save face.  Why not salute America with some beautiful hair color?  Trust me just this once.  No one will expect you to show up rockin' a purple wig like Katy P...

A clever nod to...

Purple mountain majesties.

Or how about a wavy amber Raquel 'do..

In honor of amber waves of grain.

Maybe pop a basket of fruit on your 
keppy like Carmen Miranda...

To remind us of America's fruited plain.

Whether you perk up your look, or play it safe this 4th of July, have a good one, why don't you?

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