Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Eccentric Elderly Pup Show

Dusty prepares for his new show

Coming soon to SJG-TV, "The Eccentric Elderly Pup," a talk show for dogs, hosted by, who else, Dusty, the SJG's hilarious, oft-times inappropriate, slow-moving labrador. The show will explore such controversial canine topics as, "Chase After Your Own Balls, I'm Tired"; "Crap, I Did It Again"; "I Won't Run, Don't Ask Me"; "Bitch Be Like, Shut Up, I'm Shedding" and "Go Away, I'm Napping." The roster of guests will include Bradley Pooper, Khloe Pomeranian and Donald Trumpdog.

"You're deported!"

Dusty's favorite band, Barking Up The Wrong Tree, will perform between feedings and bathroom breaks.

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  1. I love the Barking Up The Wrong Tree picture. May I have permission to use the picture and if so, does it cost? Let me know please and thanks.