Saturday, July 23, 2016

A Moment Like This

"So. I hear mazel tov is in order."
"You heard right."
"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this."
"It feels like it took a lifetime."
"What was it? Six months?"
"More like seven, but who's counting."
"How did you find out? Tell me they didn't text you. What is it with all the texting? Is it so hard to pick up a phone?"
"We had to call. Every few weeks, we called. They put us on hold. We called back. They wanted to keep us in suspense."
"I'm not such a fan of suspense."
"That makes two of us, doll."
"How did you finally pry it out of them?"
"We said, it's us again. Is it in yet or what? We've been waiting forever. And they said hang on, we'll check. A few times, we got disconnected and had to call back."
"Oy. I would've had a coronary."
"So then we all agreed on Saturday."
"Well, I'm so happy for you, I could scream. May you never have to use it. But it's good to know it's there."
"All I care about is that it works, even though I hope I never have to put it to the test. But let me tell you, driving around with a faulty airbag that might explode in my face and take out an eye isn't a good feeling."
"So, now you'll drive around with new."
"New is better."
"Generally speaking, it is."

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