Friday, July 22, 2016

She's Here, America!

Kerry Fisher alert: She's here, America!

Last summer, I went to London and got to meet the hilarious and brilliant Kerry Fisher, author of so many terrific books that I better mention them at some point in this blog, lest I offend her. And now, America, she's here and I'm rejoicing. I get very British when I'm around Kerry. I start saying things like, "Bloody hell!" and "Ta!" Her Britishness is infectious, but in a good way. No antibiotics required. A glass or two of wine goes better with Kerry, heightening her hilarity. I'm not making this up. She's fun. The way she views the world, and everyone in it, makes me giggle. And a giggling SJG is a good thing. I even forget to kvetch when I'm around her. Just kidding. I still kvetch. And she's so freaking prolific, I'm in awe. This gal writes and writes and writes, and wonderful books happen: The School Gate Survival Guide, The Island Escape, After The Lie. Any additional mention of Kerry's impressive oeuvre and I may require reimbursement. So listen, America. Forget your troubles. Kerry is here. What more do you need? 


  1. You are so generous! I am loving being here and catching up with my lovely writing pal and experiencing some wonderful LA hospitality! xx

  2. Bubbles is more than a tea pot of fun!