Wednesday, July 20, 2016


(Sherman Oaks) Neighbors got a little concerned on Tuesday when they spotted the SJG walking down the street with an empty dog leash, talking to the sidewalk. "She kept saying stuff like, 'Who's a sweet puppy! Don't eat that! Nice poopy!' " said Joe Shlabotnick, who lives eight doors down from the SJG. Or maybe it's nine doors. "So I went up to her and said, 'Have you lost your mind?' And you know what she said? 'Pretty much.' So I told her alcohol helps, and walked her home. You know what she did when we got to her house? She patted my head and said, 'Good boy.' "


  1. I love you with or without your mind.
    Thinking of you and sending lots of bubble love

  2. Thank you, Bubbles. I need your unconditional support. xo