Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things

When you're the SJG, an ongoing situation for me, sometimes you get asked a question whilst ambulating, and you must decide whether to answer, or keep walking, especially when the light's about to change and you don't wish to get toppled like an ill-fated cake. These are the hard choices I face. "Hey, SJG!" someone yelled out the window of a slow-moving Tesla. "What's your favorite word?" "Good question!" I yodeled, as I'm prone to do. "Yiddish or non-Yiddish?" "Both." "Favorite Yiddish word: Kvetch! I mean duh. Obviously." "Favorite non-Yiddish word?" Before I could answer, the slow-moving Tesla rear-ended a Prius. "Fiasco!" I called, as the drivers exited their vehicles and exchanged insurance information. "Everybody okay?" I asked, considerate gal that I am. "Go away, SJG," said the Tessla driver. "Go away, SJG," said the Prius driver. So away I went, letting them sort out their recent fiasco.

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