Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Do You Remember?

In the mall, a billboard for the live action "Beauty and the Beast." 
I start to sing, "tale as old as time... song as old as rhyme... Beauty and the Beast." 
The eldest smiles.
He's used to me breaking into song. 
"Do you remember when we took you to see 'Beauty and the Beast' "?
"Not really."
"You were almost four. You sat on my lap. I was very pregnant with your brother. It was your first movie. You stayed for the whole thing. That was a big deal."

"Cuz before, you never wanted to stay. You hated the noise in movie theaters." 
"My ears were so sensitive."

"Do you remember when I took you to see the musical of 'Beauty and the Beast' "?
"Not really."
"I shlepped you to the Shubert in Century City. You were seven, I think. I brought candy and kept giving it to you, just plying you with sweets." 
"Did it work?"
"You stayed for the whole thing."

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