Friday, March 3, 2017

Mailbox Mysteries: An SJG Mini-Series

Coming soon to SJG-TV: "Mailbox Mysteries," a 23-part comedy-thriller mini-series you shouldn't miss if you know what's good for you. Join the SJG and her crime-solving rescue dog Sir Blakey --  aka Blogger & Dogger -- as they investigate why magazines the SJG never subscribed to keep showing up in her mailbox: Why Martha Stewart Weddings? Does Martha know something the SJG doesn't? Why Rachel Ray Every Day? Why O? Why Shape? What is the universe trying to tell the SJG? Anyone? Anyone?
Hilarity, suspense and life-threatening paper cuts ensue as Blogger & Dogger search for clues, come up empty, test recipes, diets, exercises, beauty and fashion tips, go Vegan, go postal, go meshuggannah. As this Emmy-worthy event unfolds, the SJG embraces everything Oprah espouses in O magazine. She quotes Oprah, talks like Oprah, dresses like Oprah, preaches Oprah's wisdom to anyone who'll listen, and drives everyone in her life away, except, of course, Sir Blakey. Week after riveting week, the SJG's mailbox obsession takes her on a dark and treacherous journey through the U.S. Postal System and the evil world of aggressive magazine marketing. Will Blogger & Dogger ever get to the bottom of this glossy mailbox assault? Will Blogger & Dogger ever figure out who slipped the poisonous perfume sample into the March issue of Martha Stewart Weddings? Is someone, God forbid, trying to do away with the SJG? Yikes! Tune in Tuesdays at 9!

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