Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shayna and The Accountant

Adam before Shayna enters the picture

Adam, an arrogant, careless young accountant, falls under the spell of Kvetch, a short wicked blogger who turns him into The Vildabeest after learning she owes a bundle in back taxes, thanks to his sloppy work. The spell won't be broken until he undoes the damage to her pocket book. Enter Shayna Maidela, a fetching accountant trainee from down the hall, who offers to help The Vildabeest sort through this self-made disaster. But first she screams a little -- he was much cuter without the furry pelt. 
Shayna to the rescue!

With the help of Felicity, an enchanted singing file cabinet, and Mrs. Glezel Tei, a tap-dancing Starbucks iced tea container, Shayna teaches The Vildabeest the error of his accounting ways. Kvetch, the short wicked blogger, no longer owes the government a penny. The real miracle? It all gets untangled before April 18 yet! In celebration, Shayna and The Vildabeest do a romantic hora round the conference table, and faster than you can say, "Kugel's ready!", the spell is broken. The unbecoming pelt gives way to well-fitting Armani. No question, sans scary CGI, Adam is a hot mensch. In the end, Adam and Shayna stare dreamily into each other's eyes. So, is love in the air? Or is that burnt popcorn from the office microwave/spy camera? You'll have to wait for the sequel. 

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