Sunday, March 5, 2017

Spy Gal

SJG in "Allied." Okay fine, it's Marion Cotillard

Last night, rather than prep for our annual polka competition, as we do most Saturday nights, hubby and the SJG watched "Allied," starring the very glamorous Marion Cotillard and the still handsome, currently heartbroken Brad Pitt. Is it a great movie? Who cares. It was pure escapism and in my case, a potential game changer. After watching Marion Cotillard strut around in one gorgeous period costume after another, I reached a logical conclusion. "I could do this," I told hubby. "Do what?" "Be a spy." "You think?" "Absolutely. You get to wear pretty clothes and once in a while, raise a gun and shoot a bad guy. What's so hard about that?" "You have to keep a secret under pressure." "How much pressure?" "A lot." "Is pain involved?" "Could be." "So maybe I wouldn't make a good spy." "Maybe not." "But I can still dress like one." 

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