Friday, March 24, 2017

Petal Pusher

Sometimes the SJG simply must get a little artsy-fartsy. I must branch out. I must change my normal font. I must try something new. So I took this shot of the same tree I see every day on my walk with Sir Blakey. On Wednesday, I swear on a stack of matzoh, this tree was naked. On Thursday, it was in full bloom.
Isn't nature wonderful? How could I not capture this tree in all its majesty? What sort of person would I be if I didn't stop to breathe in the pollen, sneeze in appreciation and whip out the iPhone conveniently located in my right pocket? A lesser person. Why? I'll tell you why. 
Because life gives you yellow flowers one day, and the next, bupkis. Look. Already this nice tree is shedding. By tomorrow, the petals I've pushed on you may be gone.
In any event, better they should shed on someone else's grass. 

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