Monday, May 2, 2016

Coming Up Next

Between the Nightingales mating... no, not the new neighbors, silly...

... And the dumb-ass alarm going off on my dumb-ass ancient Sharper Image radio... let's just say hubby and the SJG didn't have the best night's sleep. But we did discuss some important issues. 

"Honey, you're in TV."
"That's what they tell me."
"In the 'coming up next,' why do they say something's a hit show when it isn't?"
"Because they can get away with it."
"Even if it isn't a hit show?"
"Does that get more people to watch it?"
"No one knows."
"You know what I'd like to hear instead?"
"Coming up next, a show no one's watching."
"Coming up next, a show that's a hit because we say it's a hit."
"Coming up next, a show that's a big bomb."
"Coming up next, a show everybody hates."
"These are good. You should share them with the big machers at the network."
"Coming up next, TV exec escorted off premises."
"On second thought, never mind."

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