Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For You, Some Dancers

Weren't we just talking about Edgar Degas? Or was that just me? Either way, I guilted hubby into taking 20 minutes away from his crazy-intense Upfront prep stuff to escort me to "A Strange Beauty" at MoMa, a very cool exhibit of Edgar Degas' monotype process. A monotype, as opposed to a neurotic type, involves drawing in ink on a metal plate. Degas started with a monotype as an experiment, to get his artistic footing (see what I did there?)...

 ... and then worked up a gorgeous painting of dancers. Some guys have all the talent. Hubby was very happy to see the lovely exhibit, and then leave, quickly.

Later I guilted the very same hubby into taking 80 minutes out of his crazy-intense Upfront prep stuff to see Jesse Tyler Ferguson dance his way through "Fully Committed," a frenetic, fairly funny one-man show about the hell of answering the reservation line at a fancy foodie establishment. Today, you'll be pleased to know, I'll be on my own, guilting myself. I'm so good at that. Stand by for details.

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