Monday, May 16, 2016

We're Here Because We're Here

We're here. Why are we here? I'll tell you why. We're here because hubby needs to be here for the Annual Network Upfront Thingy. I'm here because I'm tagging along and he needs me. He just does. Needs me to occupy myself, as opposed to Wall Street. I'll leave that to others. I'll occupy Broadway and demand that my New York friends keep me occupied. Here's hoping they answer my calls and texts. Once the jet lag lifts, I'm pretty fun. By Thursday, I'll be up for anything. By Friday, I'll be heading home. Two seconds here and it's colder than we expected, which means that once again, I've packed wrong. The much-derided puffy coat hangs in Sherman Oaks when it should be here with me. When I brought the puffy coat here in December, I didn't need it. Now I do. Isn't life funny?


  1. Life.... Sometimes you need a puffy coat sometimes you don't
    Sometimes you feel like a nut sometimes you don't.