Monday, May 22, 2017

A Rare Form of B.S.W.

(Sherman Oaks) The blog must go on. A case of jetlag and an inexplicable fear of airport delays jeopardized the Short Jewish Gal's ability to write her blog this morning. There were reports that another blogger might step in and ghostwrite her blog for her. But then her ex-allergist, who retired but still knows an emergency from a pathetic cry for help, stopped by and diagnosed her with a rare form of BSW. "She's got Broadway Show Withdrawal," the doctor said. "A minute ago, she couldn't stop singing 'Hello, Dolly.' To shut her up, I gave her a nice big shot of something wonderful and told her to stay away from pollen. She's fine now, I think, but with her, you never know. Just don't ask her to reenact 'The Great Comet of 1812.'  You're asking for trouble. Plus, she might throw a perogi or a mini-maraca at you and put out an eye." After her doctor left, the SJG stood on her front step and shouted in a hoarse but meaningful voice, "I'm here, bitches. I'm ready to blog." She went on to blog with no apparent problems.

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