Monday, May 15, 2017

Seriously, New York

Oh, New York, I know you're happy to see me, but must you greet me with rain and an hour-and-a-half traffic jam from JFK? Seriously, New York, you know how personally I take these things. I immediately started texting Bubbles, my NYC-based SJG, who generously took over weather control in New York after my own Weather Maven of the Western World, aka Mr. Ben Starr, departed.
"Uh, Bubbles? It's raining. Just arrived."
"I had you down for a Monday arrival."
"Sunday, Bubbles. Sunday."
"This upcoming week is flawless. You should've seen yesterday. Terrible!"
"Yesterday's gone, Bubbles. It's old news. I'm here now. Get busy."
"On it."
Within five minutes, the rain had stopped.
"Nice work, Bubbles."
"Trust the force."
"Oh, I do. Now get busy with the traffic."
"Not my area of expertise."

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