Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sorry For The Inconvenience

At first, it didn't sound so terrible. A 5 o'clock flight out of JFK was delayed an hour. No big deal. Then an hour became an hour and a half. Then another hour. Then there was the brief mention of a "mechanical issue." Then there was a terminal change and a long walk to Gate B-Something. Then a jaunty shuttle ride to Terminal Confusion, Gate Who Cares. Does anybody know what flight we're on? Anybody? And where we're sitting on the plane? And what's our departure time? 8:05? 8:0... Oh, eff that, I'm not asking anymore. 
Then this: The SJG captured in all my frustration and exhaustion. I've never looked lovelier. All I know is the plane finally took off at some point. And at some point -- 2 a.m.? 2:15? -- we arrived in Sherman Oaks, where we belong.


  1. Oy! You should have stayed in New York where you can have your knishes thrown at you for the price of admission!

  2. I know Bubbles!!!! Why didn't you talk me into staying and joining the circus?