Sunday, May 28, 2017

"La La" At The Bowl

If you don't adore "La La Land," the almost-winner of Best Picture, then chances are excellent you weren't at the Hollywood Bowl last night to see "La La Land in Concert: A Live-To-Film Celebration." Oscar-winning composer Justin Hurwitz conducted the score with a 100-piece symphony orchestra, choir and jazz ensemble, featuring Arturo Sandoval, while the movie played on the big screen. Even better than the great music, the evening was a mother-son double date. Dylan and Scotty, friends since pre-school, took their much-cherished mothers out on the town, knowing ahead of time that Sharon and I would embarrass them throughout the night. And we didn't disappoint!
What with the spontaneous hugs, the marathon kvelling, the bopping in our seats -- excuse me, backbreaking wooden benches -- the ongoing ooing and awing at the fireworks, the sons had trouble picking the silliest, cringiest mom moment. For Scotty, I believe it happened early on, when the sign demanded that I remove the perfectly-chilled wine from the backpack I'd forced him to schlep, and offer it up to the Gods of Security. "Nice vintage," the guard said. This after I googled, "What can I bring to the Hollywood Bowl?" and the answer was "anything but a beer keg." "Don't cry, Ma, we'll get some inside," Scotty said, comforting me between exaggerated eye rolls. And as usual, he was right. The Hollywood Bowl was happy to sell us alcohol for a thousand bucks a sip. But who cares about money when you're out with your son, sitting under the stars? And did I mention, fireworks?

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