Tuesday, May 9, 2017

It's In the Bag

She was fond of folding. 

"Back again?"
"Yep. Remember that dress I bought this morning?"
"Of course. It looked so cute on you."
"Thanks. You charged me for it, but you forgot to put it in the bag."
"I'm sure I folded it and put it in the bag."
"It's not in the bag."
"I'm 100 percent positive I put it in the bag."
It wasn't.

"Take a look. It's not in the bag."
"But I remember folding it."
At this juncture, she walks away, mumbling to herself. A moment later she returns, empty-handed. "It's not in the back."
"It's not in the bag."
"Maybe it fell out."
"It didn't fall out."
Now the manager gets involved. "Sorry about this. I'll just go take another spin around the store." Two seconds later, she returns with the missing dress. "Found it!" She hands it to me. I express jubilation as I put it in the bag.
"Where was it?" the sales gal asks.
"It was in the front in the pile to be put back on the rack."
"But I remember folding it."
"You did fold it. You just didn't put it in the bag."

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