Monday, May 8, 2017

The Week That Will Be

"What? No lox?"

Today I will think about packing. I will think so hard about packing that I will have to take a nap and table the packing till tomorrow.
Tuesday I will rethink my packing plans. I may even ask hubby to produce my rolling suitcase from the 7th Circle of his Closet. You think mine is bad?
Wednesday I will remind hubby about the suitcase thing. He will reply, "I took it out for you on Monday."
Thursday I will remember that we're not flying JetBlue Mint Business Class, where chances of me getting booted from the plane are virtually nil. I will weep uncontrollably for two seconds, and worry about what might get me kicked off the upcoming flight. I will rehearse my "Resting Polite Face" in front of the mirror for two hours, then take a nap.
Friday I will stand in my closet and look at clothing that may or may not make it into the rolling suitcase.
Saturday I will discover that little Jewish elves have magically packed for me. I will hurry off to temple to express gratitude.
Sunday I will start to zip up the rolling suitcase and discover that the little Jewish elves have tragically packed for me to go to the Bahamas, as opposed to NYC. I will repack for the right locale and finish just as the fancy car pulls up to take us to the airport, where we will discover if Delta is in fact ready when we are.

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