Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Walking Small

... unlike these two, who tower over me

All I do is walk, walk, walk in NYC, yesterday over four miles' worth. I walk here, I walk there, and at some point after all the walking, I get so pooped out, I need to sit down in the hotel bar and recover with a nice glass of Pinot Grigio. If a handsome hunky actor from my favorite show happens to be nearby within staring distance, even better. "Honey," I whisper to hubby, conveniently located next to me, "it's that guy I love." "What guy?" "That guy from 'Lost.' " "Where?" "There! On the sofa." "Cool." "He played.... what's his name? Jin! And now he's on 'Hawaii Five-O' but who cares about that?" "Go say hi." "I couldn't." "Go on." "You want me to go say hello to... to.. oh, eff, what the hell is his name?" At this juncture, I start googling.
Daniel Dae Kim

"Daniel Dae Kim?!" "Go on." "Really?" "You can do it." So I stand up, feeling bold, feeling strong, and right then, our very tall friend Mark arrives, and there are hugs and happy greetings and by the time we sit down, Daniel Dae Kim... oh, it pains me to tell you... is gone. But don't cry, nice people. I still have today to stalk see him, and maybe even tomorrow. The CBS Upfront isn't till Wednesday. Hope isn't lost. I'll just sit here in the bar till he shows up again.

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