Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Good Luck With That

Well, talk about a shockaroo.
I stared at my computer, eyes bulging.
Not my best look, I admit.
I tried to digest the news.
But all I could think was this:
Why now?
Who thought that was a good idea?
Why didn't someone contact the SJG and ask permission or advice?
As in, "Hey, SJG, what are your thoughts on this matter of national, if not global, import? Good idea? Bad idea?"
But they didn't call me.
They knew what I'd say.
Bad idea.
So bad.
But you people, you underestimate us.
You think we don't see through your desperation.
We do.
We really do.
But you went ahead anyway, didn't you?
You made the announcement that took everybody by surprise:
ABC is bringing back "American Idol."
A year after Fox cancelled the show.
Good luck with that.

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