Monday, March 4, 2013

A Few Decorative Touches

Would you settle for a decorative throw?
A conversation with the eldest, who no longer dwells in sleepy Sherman Oaks, preferring a congested Hollywood locale full of excitement, but low on parking spots:
"We got you a cute little table for the hallway."
"You guys are the best."
"It's from Target, but it looks expensive."
"I'll be over around 1."
"Dad's going to put it together."
"Does he want help?"
"No.  He says it'll take five minutes."
"I'll be over around 12:30."
"We got you a cute little plate to put on the table."
"You're spoiling me."
"I know.  It's like a sickness.  The plate's from Cost Plus, but it looks expensive."
"I can't wait to see it."
"And some spot remover, in case you spill.  And an emergency solar light.  And a pretty decorative throw for the sofa."
"So take that crappy blue thing off right now."
"I'll put it on the bed."
"I don't want to see that crappy blue thing on the sofa.  Ever."
"You won't."
"I know.  Unless you have us over."
"I'll have you over."
"I'll start looking for a parking spot now."
"I"ll be over around 2."
"What happened to 12:30?"
"I have things to do."


  1. Think back for a moment on all those funny old stories about Jewish mothers... Need any more inspiration for a sitcom?

  2. I am starring in my own sitcom, it's true.