Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hit It!

Sometimes, a Short Jewish Gal such as myself just has to dance, to cut a rug, as it were, to let loose in a living room, even if the doctor might not approve.  So let's keep this between us.  There was no way I was going to miss last night's dance party at the lovely home of the lovely Mila.  It was her birthday.  Let's start with that.  A little cough isn't going to prevent me from celebrating with people I adore.  "I'm not contagious," I said, between coughs.  "I promise, I haven't brought the plague with me." Good thing hubby was there to keep an eye on me.  "Don't overdo it."  "You're over-doing it."  "You're -- " "Oh, hush and come dance with me." My favorite part was learning the Madison from "Hairspray" -- the swingingest, the zaniest dance ever, thanks to Tim, boyfriend of my brother John.  It went something like this.  Hit it!  And please, double click for double the fun:


  1. So much fun. I'm thrilled everyone had a great time learning it. Hit it! Crazy! :D