Sunday, March 10, 2013

At The Tone, The Time Will Be...

... an hour later than it should be, but not to worry, it'll stay lighter longer, which is nice, even though your internal body clock will dim with utter confusion and despair.  One hour shouldn't make such a big diff, but it does, because on Monday when you wake up, you'll miss that hour more than you thought humanly possible, and you'll long to get that hour back, you'll do anything to retrieve sixty minutes of your life, but you can't, so deal with it.  By Monday, you'll have changed all your clocks, except maybe the one on the microwave, the coffee maker and the old alarm clock in your office that you gave up on years ago, and the one in your car, so you'll stare at it for a while and curse its existence and wonder which stupid button you're supposed to push, and then you'll get out your handbook and flip through the pages until you find how to eff'n do it, and then you'll do it, and you'll say to yourself, next time we change the clocks for no reason, I'm going to remember how to do this on my own, I'm going to conquer this sh*t without checking this stupid book, but then, six months from now when we fall back and eff up our internal clocks all over again, you'll forget how to change the time in your car, and you'll take out the stupid handbook you haven't looked at since the last time you forgot, and you'll find the page, and think, as God is my witness, next time, dear Lord, next time, I promise, I'm going to remember how to do this, but you're not fooling anyone, you won't remember, because you're too sleep- deprived to think straight.

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